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Twin Creek Outfitters wants to be your destination for Trophy Southern IndianaWhitetails. We are located in Washington County Indiana, which has been rated in the top five deer counties in our state. Indiana has recently rated in the top seven trophy whitetail states in the country right behind south Texas. That’s right Indiana and South Texas in the same sentence. Indiana enacted the “ one buck rule” about 8 years ago and man what a difference. We will consistently see 120” to 140” with several 130” to 160” trophies being seen. And if you’re after a true “Monster Buck”, well Twin Creek Outfitters have those to. You will have the benefit of our knowledge of the area, pre-set hunting stands or ground blinds, and a local guide at your beckon call. If you have a favorite ol’ climbing stand you especially like, feel free to bring it and we’ll help you get it in a good spot.

We at Twin Creek Outfitters are crazy about hunting and being in the woods. We will hunt Wild Turkey in the spring, Squirrel, Rabbit, Coyote, Fox and White-tailed Deer in the fall. We will spend our early spring scouting deer and turkey, and all summer long scouting for those trophy bucks. Our Turkey hunting is usually finished within 3 days so we only offer 3 day turkey hunts. If you wish to or need to hunt longer we will accommodate your request. We currently offer 3 and 5 day white-tailed deer hunts. You can hunt as hard as you like. We recommend that you stay on stand all day if need be, because the hunting is awesome but it is 100% fair chase just like God made it and because you only have a limited time to tag out. But, your guide is there for you and will do anything in their power to make your hunt both relaxing and enjoyable.

You will find the beds to be comfy, the staff to be friendly and our meals are simply the best!

Twin Creek Outfitters is a family run business. We have all grown up on the lands we hunt. So, you not only get the benefit of our knowledge of the area but you get to come in and hunt with 75 yrs of local combined hunting experience behind you. We know when, where and how our deer are moving. If given the chance, we will help you to make this trip full of enjoyable moments and lifetime memories. God Bless.handicaped accessible

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